Marilyn O'Malley
Original Music


I'm a wolf in woman's clothing and my passion rides so high
Howling out my loneliness to the midnight sky
I call the moon to be my lover and the night to cloak my pain
I am running fast and fierce and fearful once again

If my heart was not so wild and my spirit did not fly
Maybe I could live here safely, contented till I die
I wish I was not restless and tormented by the night
I wish I did not have to run in swift-footed flight

If I had a man beside me who was both strong and warm
He could hold me tight against him through the ice and windy storm
Maybe I could be contented with a life of simple things
If I didn't have to jump fences that make my spirit sting


So hang onto me this moment, or this hour or this day
Let me pretend that everything could really be okay
Let me be unbridled in this time here that we share
Feel my wild heart beat in the tangles of your hair

Let the scent of your body ease the turmoil in my mind
Let your skin on my skin be all that I now find
Let me invoke the stars and the moon up in the sky
And let your wild spirit join here now with mine


Marilyn O'Malley © 2011