Marilyn O'Malley
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Last night I wore my heart on my sleeve when I drug it through the soup
I pulled it out all hot and soggy, covered in noodles and goop
The left ventricle said to the right one, this gal's a clumsy mess
Tell her to keep us off of her sleeve and stick us back in her chest

It can be messy to have your heart on your sleeve
But sometimes it just has to ride there, I truly do believe

Then my superior vena cava told the inferior one
I think riding on her sleeve is delightful- it's really much more fun
My aorta said we oughta just pump out this broth and retreat
Safely behind her sternum, at least when she tries to eat


So my heart it keeps on jumping from my chest out to my arm
And I always hear it thumping to the beat of a different drum
So if you join me for dinner I hope that you'll tell me please
If I'm dipping my heart in the gravy as it hangs off of my sleeve


Marilyn O'Malley © 2009