Marilyn O'Malley
Original Music


I cannot sleep
I dare not dream
I cannot cry
I want to scream
I lie awake, I toss and turn
I close my eyes, my longing burns
for a time when life could be simpler
And the truth was not denied
....I would take to the streets if I only knew
....What street that street should be
....I would stand and be counted if I only knew
....Who was doing the counting
....I'd lay it all on the line if I only knew
....Where that line was drawn
....I'd give my life for my country if I only knew
....Where my country's gone
my home so dear
I'm filled with fear
where did you go?
I want to know
if our nation will survive this
rampage of reckless greed
....Chorus: I would take to the streets etc.
Let freedom ring
For the common folk
Those corporate thugs
what an obscene joke
they send our kids to fight and die
The cause they give is just a lie
....Chorus: I would take to the streets etc.
the beautiful
Your shores defaced
by fossil fuel
and those who worship wealth and power
Would sell this earth for one last dollar
....Chorus: I would take to the streets etc.

Marilyn O'Malley © 2010