Marilyn O'Malley
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Talk about baggage, well my suitcases overflow
I went down to catch a train but they wouldn't let me go
They said I just had too much junk
And left me standin' in this funk

They told me to try again when I didn't have so much crap
They told me to try again when I just have a back pack
Or maybe a little carry-on
I'm standin here and the train is gone

Well I can carry on quite well if they just let me on board
I kicked my bags once or twice and threw some at the door
I might not need all these bags in tow
If I had just someplace to go

I threw out my suitcases by the twos and threes
Somewhere in the shuffle, I threw out my ID
Now I can't be identified
And that's the reason now that I can't ride

So I'm standing here with nothin' and I'm no longer me
I'm not allowed to travel and I'm not allowed to be
I see like me you were not let you on
If you know where to go, we could be gone

We can help each other remember who we are
Even if we're missing our precious ID cards
Where we go I don't really care
I think if you're with me we'll be somewhere

Marilyn O'Malley © 2009